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Why can't they see me?

When you are walking or jogging at dusk or dawn, have you ever had the experience of a car coming dangerously close to you as though the driver cannot see you? Have you ever wondered why you have no problem seeing oncoming traffic at dusk or dawn, but it seems like the traffic can’t see you?

Dusk and dawn are dangerous times to be on the road, whether you are a driver, pedestrian, or bicyclist. Our eyes are not adjusted to darkness because there is still light in the sky, yet everything on the ground is shadowed, making contrasts and colors less distinct. That problem is compounded when people are traveling toward a rising or setting sun, as the sun’s glare makes it more difficult to see. Drivers are also traveling at higher speeds than pedestrians or bicyclists and therefore have a shortened reaction time to obstacles, increasing the likelihood of a collision.

Tips to keep you and yours safe at dawn and dusk:

  • Driving - Keep your headlights on all the time when you are on the road and increase the distance between you and the vehicle you are following. Although it is always important to limit distractions while driving, it is especially critical to turn down the radio and avoid interacting with your phone during dusk and dawn.
  • Walking - Be aware that as a pedestrian, you are not as visible as you think you are while the sun is rising or setting. Wear reflective clothing or carry a light, and keep a safe distance from traffic. Some children’s clothing and shoes come with reflective strips built in, and that is an easy step you can take as a parent or guardian to protect your children on the road.
  • Biking - When biking, have a light in the front and rear of your bike, and keep those lights on at all times but especially when the sun is rising or setting.

At Fuller & Fuller, Accident and Injury Attorneys, we have seen the effects of accidents over the past 45 years and we are strong advocates for public traffic safety.

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